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We are confident that once you experience the difference our customer service representatives provide, you’ll be glad that you;re a customer. We’re not just saying that, our customers are; (Actual customer experiences, used by permission

“ All the Professional CAD features for an affordable price....”

“I use CAD for hobby and have needed it for a range of uses from drawing 3d parts to plot mapping.  I simply don’t have the $5k to spend on autocad. Turbocad has all the features you could want in CAD but at a homeowner’s price, not a Business/Enterprise price. I will buy from again.

“All the Professional CAD features for an affordable price”
- Coco B., Seattle WA

“I am definitely pleased... Customer since 2009 and have ordered a number of items. I have definitely been pleased. Chuck and his staff gave great customer service. They were professional and competent. Their prices are reasonable and the company acts with integrity. I would not hesitate to use them again”
- S.P., San Francisco CA

“Fast delivery and competitive prices... I’ve purchased a couple of CAD programs from CAD and Graphics in the last couple of years and have been very happy with the programs, the fast delivery and the very competitive prices.”

“This week (Oct. 19, 2015) I think that they have out done themselves. I ordered In late September (2015) I bought a 3D CAD program from them (FREE shipping BTW). A few days ago an email came from them about CLEARANCE programs, one of which was the one I’d purchased but it was bundled with 2 training CDs. Yes! I wanted these Training CDs ;(one CD on the programs Architectural features, the other on Decks and Landscaping). I knew of their 30 day guarantee and thus that I could return this one I had that didn’t have these 2 Training CDs) so I thought I’d better order it before it was Sold-Out. When I emailed them explaining my situation, Chuck C responded (Saturday) that he could/would send me the Training CDs (no extra cost mentioned) and would cancel my order. Noifications from PayPal about my refund and of the Tracking Number for the CDs, I received Monday. This was all initiated BY THEM. I wasn’t expecting this high level of Customer Service so I highly recommend CAD and Graphics to everyone. To me they are second to none”
- Bill Lathrop, Belleview, FL

“Overall great program. I am new to CAD but I originally bought version 16 before and couldn’t figure much out so I gave up. I picked up 16 again and tried it out and began to learn with it and got excited. I purchased Version 21 and received version 2015! It has support for 64 bit processors which are faster as well as a nicer interface and many other features. Overall great program. If you get it take the free CAD tutorials
Buddy Santos, East Hampton, CT


TurboCAD Deluxe 2023 Download
TurboCAD Deluxe 2023 Download

Regular price: $249.99
Sale price: $229.99

TurboCAD Platinum 2023 - Electronic Download
TurboCAD Platinum 2023 - Electronic Download

Regular price: $1,499.99
Sale price: $1,450.00

ReadIRIS Pro 17 for Windows - Electronic Download
ReadIRIS Pro 17 for Windows - Electronic Download

Regular price: $99.00
Sale price: $29.00

IRIScan Book 5 White
IRIScan Book 5 White

Regular price: $149.99
Sale price: $109.00

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Customer Feedback

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