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IRIScan Pro 5
High-performance duplex desktop scanner

IRIScan Pro 5, Powerful duplex desktop scanner: digitise your stacks of documents extremely quickly and efficiently

Scanning reinvented

Discover a new way to scan your paper documents thanks to the IRIScan Desk. Versatile and totally innovative, this document camera will impress you at every turn.

Business cards
One-step scanning and exporting of business cards (10 cards at a time) to MS Outlook, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Scans your documents
Scanning of notes, contracts, letters, correspondence, and more, directly into PDF or MS Office (Word, Excel, etc.) format

Scans your invoices and receipts
Quick and accurate scanning of your invoices and receipts ("Long-paper" mode: up to 3m/118") for efficient expense management

Quick and easy duplex scanning into indexed and highly compressed PDF format business cards

Scans your laminated cards
Ideal for duplex scanning of ID cards, insurance cards, and all other laminated cards (designated slot)

High-speed scanner: 23 PPM / 46 IPM, automatic document feeder (ADF) with an exceptional 20-page capacity Scan books at top speed without constraints (max. A3)

Scan 23 pages in just one minute!
With this powerful duplex desktop scanner, you can scan your documents at top speed. IRIScan™ Pro 5 scans 23 sheets per minute (46 images per minute in duplex mode). In the blink of an eye, your invoices, receipts, and other documents will be scanned into PDF or MS Office (Word, Excel, etc.) format and then saved directly to your cloud platform or DMS.

Create compressed and indexed PDFs with the press of a button
IRIScan™ Pro 5 is the ultimate PDF creation tool that lets you scan your documents into PDF or multi-page PDF format with the press of a button. Highly compress and index your PDFs (with IRISCompressor™ Pro*). They will be much smaller in size (up to 20 times smaller), without compromising on text resolution or readability. Content indexing will allow you to search for any information in seconds. The ideal choice for increased productivity and storage space!

Avoid paper jams and errors with the ultrasonic sensor!
IRIScan™ Pro 5 is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that detects when two pages pass through simultaneously. This unique technology allows the scanner to identify double feeding (often due to stapled documents), even when pages are of different thicknesses. The scanning process is then suspended temporarily to ensure its reliability. This also prevents paper jams that can damage your documents. Don't take any risks; choose a highly reliable scanner! Wide choice of export formats and automatic document cropping

Your documents are read aloud to you
This duplex desktop scanner transforms your documents... into audio files you can listen to anywhere! With Readiris™ Corporate* advanced conversion (OCR) software, any scanned PDF file, image, or document can be converted into .WAV format. This unique feature allows you to listen to any text, even on the go. Imagine all the time you'll save when catching up on meeting minutes. It can even assist with learning for people with learning disabilities (ex. dyslexia).

Compact and flexible, without compromising on performance

Administrative work
Administrative professionals know better than anyone that a misfiled document is a lost document. IRIScan™ Pro 5 solves this problem and makes your job easy! This duplex desktop scanner (automatically) performs tedious tasks for you, such as organising folders, sorting, searching, and filing. IRIScan Pro 5 File offers advanced features for semi-automatic file sorting into predefined folders. You can also make use of the "Smart Tasks Button" feature to program up to 9 automated tasks associated with the scanner's buttons (Scan to PDF, Scan to Dropbox, Scan to Salesforce, etc.).

Self-employed professionals
IRIScan™ Pro 5 is a powerful tool for self-employed professionals and freelancers. With its advanced features and its high added value(*) software suite, it allows you to manage your invoices, contracts, and other files efficiently. Focus on your business and your customers, and avoid wasting time shuffling papers. Compact and lightning fast, this desktop scanner can scan your documents from your home or office. You can then share them directly with others!

Accounting and taxes
Quickly scan lots of accounting documents (invoices, expense reports, balance sheets, etc.) and manage them intelligently within your preferred platform (MS SharePoint, Therefore, Dropbox, etc.). Documents can be converted into multiple formats simultaneously (including Excel and indexed PDF documents). All this is done with exceptional reliability and in accordance with the sector's legal standards. Choose IRIScan Pro 5 Invoice for semi-automatic invoice sorting and easy expense tracking. Boost your productivity, and cut your costs!

Legal and security
With IRIScan™ Pro 5, make all of your ID cards 100% digital! Simply insert cards into the cart slot on the front of the scanner. In addition to laminated cards, you can easily scan your contracts and daily correspondence for digital filing. By integrating with MS SharePoint and Therefore, you can digitally share, track, and manage your contracts. This desktop scanner saves you long hours of filing, as a lawyer and/or solicitor. Focus on your hearings and investigations, and devote more time to your clients and the things that matter!

Health and pharmaceuticals
With this multifunctional scanner, you can reliably scan medical records, medical prescriptions, insurance cards, medication plans, and more. With the press of a button, your scans are converted into PDF or JPEG format (among others) and then shared instantly with your colleagues and associates on your preferred platform (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc). This compact scanner fits perfectly behind a counter or in the corner of an office. It is suitable for all paramedical environments, such as hospitals, pharmacies, and medical practices. It is a must-have tool for everyday efficiency.

Real estate sector
Stop wasting time and energy hauling around paper wherever you go! During property visits and appointments, paper only clutters your bag, vehicle, or office and slows you down. With IRIScan™ Pro 5, you can scan application files and documents related to the properties you are managing, in minutes. And you can save them in any format (PDF, JPEG, Word, etc). Store your files on your preferred Cloud platform (Dropbox, SharePoint, Google Drive, etc), and sort them easily.

Required System Requirements
IRIScan Pro 5 - IRIScan Pro 5 File - IRIScan Pro 5 Invoice For Windows®
  • Intel® Core 2 Duo or higher
  • 2GB recommended
  • 1.5GB of available hard disk space
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, 7

    IRIScan Pro 5 For Mac OS® - A Mac® computer with Intel® processor or chip M1
  • Mac OS® X version 10.11 and above
  • 5GB recommended
  • 1GB of available hard disk space

    Order Information
    Item # iris-scanpro-5
    Sale Price$279.00

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    IRIScan Pro 5

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