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ReadIRIS PDF Business -- Electronic Download - click to enlarge
ReadIRIS PDF Business -- Electronic Download - click to enlarge

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ReadIRIS PDF Business -- Electronic Download

Please note: This item is only available as an electronic download. We will send you download links and the needed license code to the email you provide on this order. Please check your junk mail folder. Usually within 2 hours of order during business hours. All sales of downloads are final = no returns allowed once you get the download link and codes. No DVD or CD will be shipped to you.

Readiris PDF Business is a powerful PDF centric Manager Software allowing from multiple different format' files input to compose, edit, annotate, split, sort, amend, compress, e-sign and share your own build secured single or multiple PDF files.

World Class PDF Manager
Simplify your life, Boost your Business
Readiris PDF Business is a powerful PDF centric Manager Software allowing from multiple different format' files input to compose, edit, annotate, split, sort, amend, compress, e-sign and share your own build secured single or multiple PDF files.

Daily, you work with contracts, word document, JPG Files, Excel spreadsheets, blueprints, Tender project, Meeting minutes, Non-disclosure agreement, Employment agreement, Business plans, Online terms of use, Online privacy policy, apostille, receipts or even invoices and on top of you never succeed to settle a good compromise to handle the different file format type. Readiris PDF Business is then what you have been looking for !

Simply the best all-in-One Document, Files & PDF Manager.
Whenever you need to CONVERT – CREATE – EDIT – SIGN – ANNOTATE – MANAGE – REVIEW – SHARE – PROTECT any document or file from any format from PDF file or into PDF file, simply run Readiris PDF Business and boost your Business !

Readiris PDF Business helps you manage unlimited number of image files, scanned documents, PDF & scanners to perform any operations with all of them that will ease your processes to support mastering your own business ! Whatever under site license, life time or subscription model, Readiris PDF Business is what you were looking for since decades!

Convert to PDF format
Convenience and portability are a two-way street. When you're working with portable documents, it's important to be able to export existing PDFs into the format of your choice. But it's equally important to be able to capture all of your company's crucial file types and documents and convert them into PDF format as well.

How it Works
Using our Readiris PDF management software, you can seamlessly convert a wide range of native file types into an exportable PDF format. Key file types include:

Images add excitement and contrast to your documents and presentations. The Readiris PDF suite makes it easy to grab image of your choice and transform it wherever it's needed onto PDF format. Whether your company's next white paper needs a splash of color or your quarterly earnings report needs an engaging cover page, Readiris PDF makes it easy to work with high-quality images across channels to enhance your own documents.

Word to PDF
Microsoft Word, the core of the Office 365 suite, drives the world of business documentation. The vast majority of documents used by professionals across the globe originate in Word. Readiris PDF makes it simple to convert your existing Word documents into PDF format and disseminate them throughout your organization while preserving original document layout.

Excel to PDF
Word documents make the business world go round, but they don't do it alone. Excel spreadsheets serve a critical function for financial professionals worldwide. With Readiris PDF, you can easily export key spreadsheets into PDF format that drive your bottom line.

Powerpoint to PDF
When your workforce thrives, your company thrives. Employee education lies at the center of your success. PowerPoint presentations play a key role in getting all your employees on the same page. With Readiris's PDF management software, it's easy to spread your company's ideology, values, and trajectory to every corner of your business under PDF for an easiest, lighter & faster sharing.

Text to PDF
Word pad and other text pad applications give users a format-free method for word processing. Readiris PDF's suite of features lets you preserve your content, clear from any tricky formatting issues under PDF format that might prevent the recipient from understanding it.

Scan and OCR Capabilities

Being the best PDF and OCR solution on the market means providing your customers with top-tier scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Readiris PDF’ management software offers customers a feature-rich OCR suite capable of scanning and converting any document imaginable. With Readiris PDF and enhanced OCR engine you can:

Scanning From the scanners
The road from hard copy document to transferable digital file begins with the scanner. A scanner allows you to convert real-world, hardcopy documents into a digital file on your device. With Readiris PDF, you can easily convert your scans into PDF format or other format you would need without all the extra steps required by native software. Readiris PDF seamlessly integrates with your scanner's functionality to make PDF production a snap.

Enhanced OCR Engine
Readiris has over 30 years of experience in the OCR arena. With every build of our Readiris software, we are continually working to improve the functionality of our software, expand its list of integrations, and make our OCR one of the most powerful scanning tools available today on the market. Readiris OCR Technology is trust by large IT companies around the world and millions of end-users.

With our enhanced OCR engine, you are able to capture text, images, and other details from scanned files, converting them into the editable format of your choice, whether that format is a portable PDF or an Office 365 document. Our OCR engine is the powertrain that drives the Readiris PDF software.

Create and Sign PDF Files

Image Files to PDF
A good image can underscore the importance and vitality of your current project. Use complex workarounds to convert images directly into PDF format. The Readiris PDF manager tool gives you the ability to quickly and easily convert your images into an editable PDF format, bringing an extra sense of excitement to your next business presentation.

Paper Document to PDF
Converting paper documents into digital format is one of the PDF's central purposes. Using the Readiris suite, you can easily scan your hard copy documents and convert them into a highly portable, digital format.

Archives to PDF/A
The PDF/A is an ISO standard since 2008 under the reference ISO 32000, and Readiris PDF is fully compliant with such ISO standard. Typography is an art form. There are more than half a million font styles used across the globe. While the Western world is reliant on Times New Roman and Arial for the bulk of its business, not everyone marches to the beat of the same drummer. Readiris PDF takes typeface uncertainty out of the equation. With the Readiris PDF suite, the end-user can convert numerous documents into PDF/A format, which embeds the font directly into the PDF. This preserves the document's readability across contexts ensuring that crucial information doesn't get lost on long term period.

Sign PDF
Companies use PDFs to send documents that require signatures, such as contracts and vendor agreements, all the time. Adding an official signature to your PDF file is similar to adding a graphic. With Readiris's PDF manager, you can easily pull signature graphics from your own library and add them to key documents without the complexity and extra steps.

eSignature and ID
eSignatures and other forms of digital ID make signing a PDF file easy and painless. Readiris PDF allows you to add a digital signature line to your documents before sending them. Users can either type or draw their electronic signature directly onto the PDF.

Edit and Print Protect
PDFs help you get crucial information into the hands of key stakeholders quickly and efficiently. But what happens when your PDF finds its way in front of someone that's not a primary decision maker? The Readiris PDF suite allows you to add edit and print protection to your PDF documents, keeping everyone in the loop while preserving the integrity of the source document for its intended recipient.

Managing and Sharing PDF Files
The PDF format is prized for its adaptability. The PDF's core purpose is to make key business documents easily transferable between users. Modern PDF management software Readiris PDF makes your PDF much more manageable in the process than any of Readiris PDF’s competitors who are using complex workarounds to manage and share PDF files.. Readiris PDF allows you to take the following actions regarding your PDF files:

Merging PDF
When you are dealing with numerous documents, converting each into PDF format and sending them individually can turn into a lengthy and slow process. Readiris PDF allows you to merge multiple PDF and any office 365 files into a single transferable PDF file, providing you with an organized attachment that can be sent wherever you need.

Split PDF
Sometimes a PDF attachment is so large that it's hard to accurately sift through the information. Readiris's split PDF function allows you to extract pages, sections, or entire documents from the source PDF, creating a more manageable sub-file in the process.

Combine PDF
Combining PDF is similar to merging them. With a merge, however, entire documents are sandwiched together for expediency. With PDF combination, documents are seamlessly integrated with one another. Combination is the perfect solution when you have companion documents whose content is thematically linked.

Store PDF in Dropbox, Microsoft Onedrive and BOX
Dropbox, Onedrive, and BOX are cloud document-sharing services used by business professionals worldwide. These platforms lets key stakeholders upload documents to a synchronized file no matter where their office is located. Readiris PDF offers complete integration with the Dropbox, Onedrive and BOX app, allowing you to load your own reworked or not PDF files directly onto these cloud services.

Share PDF in Outlook
Hundreds of thousands of documents are sent via email every single day. Microsoft Outlook is one of the biggest professional email services in the world. Readiris PDF now integrates with MS Outlook allowing you to directly email from Readiris PDF your stack of documents or PDF’s to your preferred recipient !

Order Information
Item # iris-ocr-pdfbizD
Sale Price$189.00

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ReadIRIS PDF Business -- Electronic Download

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